Axis & Allies  v.1.0

Axis & Allies, is a real-time strategy World War II computer game developed by TimeGate Studios and published by Atari.

ADInstruments Cardiac Axis  v.1 2

Cardiac Axis is a LabChart extension that automates the calculation of frontal plane ECGs and vectorcardiograms. It also shows an animated display of the instantaneous cardiac vector. It is a helpful program for doctors to calculate the ECG.


Webuzo for Axis  v.

Axis commerce is a powerfull open source e-commerce platform.

Axis Pharmacy 14  v.14

Axis Pharmacy 14 is the application designed for pharmaceuticals, retail chain stores, wholesalers, distributors, exporters and has been developed with latest and advance technology. Axis Pharmacy 14 is simple and easy to use and yet powerful

AXIS Camera Station  v.3.41.21

AXIS Camera Station is a surveillance system designed for AXIS network cameras and video servers. With AXIS Camera Station, you can monitor your cameras and record high-quality digital video. It enables you to view/record up to 50 cameras.

AXIS Media Control  v.6.0.2

AXIS Media Control ActiveX component enables easy viewing of Motion JPEG, MPEG-4* and H.264* streams directly in Microsoft Internet Explorer and other ActiveX containers.

AXIS Matroska File Splitter  v.2.0.10

AXIS Matroska File Splitter is a designated Matroska splitter for playback of Matroska container files created using the local storage function of Axis network video products. It is not intended as a generic Matroska splitter.

AXIS NetPilot  v.2 64

AXIS NetPilot software makes management of AXIS Network Print Servers simple and convenient. It runs on Windows platforms that use NetWare and/or NetBIOS/NetBEUI. AXIS NetPilot requires a PC with a 386 or higher processor and at least 4MB of RAM.

AXIS IP Utility  v.1.0.5

AXIS IP Utility discovers and displays Axis devices on your network. The application is also used to manually set a static IP address and to access the unit's home page for further configuration.

AXIS IP JumpStarter  v.1 20

AXIS IP JumpStarterâ„¢ is an easy-to-use Windows application that allows you to: - Assign IP addresses to your Axis servers - Find Axis servers already installed in your network It runs under Windows Vista, XP, NT 4.0, 2000, 98, Me.

PC-Axis  v.1.0

The PC-Axis family consists of a number of programs for the Windows and Internet environment used to present statistical information. PC-Axis is a new and useful software for your computers.

AXIS Camera Management  v.2.00.040

AXIS Camera Management is a powerful tool for managing AXIS video devices on your network. This management tool can automatically search multiple AXIS video devices, manage firmware upgrades and show connection status.

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